Risk Disclosure

Investing in and using cryptocurrencies involves significant risk. Prices may fluctuate daily. We may gain or lose the fiat currency value of the Assets at any time as a result of such price fluctuations. Any currency can fluctuate greatly in value and even become worthless. By buying, selling or trading anything in the market there is always an inherent risk of loss. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries certain risks not shared with other official currencies, commodities or market instruments.

Unlike most currencies and commodities such as silver and gold, which are backed by government reserves and other legal entities, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are “flat” currencies backed only by math, technology and trust. ” is the currency. Because the currency is decentralized, no agency can take corrective action to protect the value of cryptocurrencies or issue them during a crisis. Therefore, Erium Exchange or its representatives never advise on investing in, selling, storing, exchanging, or trading in any particular cryptocurrency. If you are not prepared, you can lose your money. All cryptocurrency investors should understand the volatility of crypto assets and make only their own decisions about what to buy, sell, store, exchange and trade. Erium Exchange provides a cryptocurrency wallet to manage your assets and accepts no responsibility for how it is used.

Cryptocurrencies are autonomous, largely unregulated global payment systems. When using cryptocurrencies, an investor puts his trust in a decentralized and mostly anonymous digital system that he relies on P2P networks and cryptography to maintain its integrity.

The use of cryptocurrencies is prone to irrational or rational bubbles, or a complete loss of trust that can collapse demand/supply.

Any activity that is even remotely related to a virtual currency can destroy trust in that currency. B. Unexpected changes imposed by currency developers, government crackdowns, competing superior Bitcoin alternatives, and even deflationary or inflationary spirals. Trust can also be broken due to various technical issues. Where the anonymity of the system could be compromised, where funds could be lost or stolen, or where hackers or governments could block the processing of cryptocurrency transactions.

Each user should carefully consider whether their financial situation and risk appetite are suitable for buying/selling/trading cryptocurrencies.