Erium’s Terms of Services

The following provisions mentioned in these Terms of Services allows you to access or use our website,, an online platform designed for easy buying, selling, and tracking of cryptocurrencies. From the services provided by us related to cryptocurrencies, any transactions you complete or any products offered by Erium shall be collectively termed as the ‘Services.’ The Terms of Services forms a legal agreement between you and one of the following entities including, "Erium," "Us," "We," "Our." Moreover, the term "you" refers to anyone accessing the "Services," as mentioned earlier.

By using our services, you agree with the following points.

  1. You have reached the age of maturity as per your local law enforcement.
  2. You are capable of entering into and handling binding commitments.
  3. All the information you have shared with us is genuine, updated, and complete.
  4. You agree to be obligated with these Terms of Services, as updated from time to time on the Erium website.
  5. If you are using our services on behalf of someone else or another corporate entity, you represent the authority to bind such person or entity to our Terms of Services.


Use of Services

Our website (, the services, and the information provided as part of the collective content available on the website are protected by copyright laws. Therefore, Erium only allows limited license to recreate portions of Erium content as needed to use our services. If Erium doesn't provide you with a separate license to do such activities, you can only use its services as stated in the Terms of Services.

Note: Erium isn’t a financial institution or a bank that provides monetary or consulting services to its users. It is only the provider of the services.

Amendments to Terms of Services

We reserve the right to propose amendments in our services and the Terms of Services anytime we feel necessary without giving any prior notice, except when obligated by applicable law. If you continue to use our services after we propose changes in Terms of Services come into effect, we will presume it as your direct acknowledgement of these changes. Hence, it's your sole responsibility to review these changes regularly.


By using our services, you hereby, agreeing not to involve in the following activities.

  • Buy, sell, lease, transfer, recreate, distribute, commercialize our services or misuse our content.
  • Duplication of a logo or other Erium trademark content, including text, images, forms, or content layout.
  • Recreation, translation, adaption, acquisition, disassemble or manipulating any other part of the services, except for the extent it is allowed by the applicable law.
  • Use of any device to download data from any webpage of our Erium site.
  • Unauthorized access to our Erium website to create an imposter website.
  • Unapproved removal or destruction of copyright notices or any other marketing content from our website.

Third-Party Services

Our services may provide access to third-party providers' applications or services that offer crypto assets, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and various others, and crypto exchanges services as well.

As we cannot monitor how third-party services operate, you must use their services at your own risk. Moreover, all third party services work as per their terms & privacy policy. Hence, we will not take responsibility for any monetary loss, performance failure, or how they manage their services, including the exchange rates, processing of transactions, or any other type of inconvenience.

Note: You shall share any credentials, private key, or other sensitive information under no circumstances without confirming their legitimacy.

User Content

Whether publicly posted or privately transferred, you are responsible for all the data and information submitted to our website to access our services. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the content you submit on our website. On the other hand, we have the right to delete any of your submitted content that violates our privacy policy. However, we will safeguard all the information that allows us to identify you and is necessary for your use of our services.


  • General
    Erium owns all the rights to the website, its services, and the content of the website. Under no circumstances you are supposed to alter, remove, or claim copyright on our website, services, and any of our content.
  • Trademarks
    Erium, its logo or any trade names mentioned on the website are all the trademarks of its services, which should not be used without permission for any third-party services or products promotion.
  • Right to Use Personal Content
    As you post, submit, share or display any content on our website necessary for your usage of our services, you are granting us, and any third party associated with our services, a non-exclusive license to use the content for the purpose of smooth operating of our services. However, if deemed necessary, we may choose to disclose your information in compliance with the legal process while responding to customer requests and safeguarding Erium, employees, partners or agents.

User Conduct

You are prohibited from using our services for any reason other than our terms and applicable law. In addition, you are advised not to avail any content on the website via our services that lead to the following actions.

  • Violates any intellectual property rights of any person.
  • Defamatory, fraudulent, unethical, or unlawful to someone else’s privacy.
  • Unauthorized advertising.
  • Impersonate any person, including Erium’s employee or agents.
  • Involvement in potentially harmful acts.
  • Hinders in the seamless functioning of our services.


Though Erium doesn't usually monitor user activity, if we ever encounter any possible infringement of provisions mentioned in these Terms of Services, we may thoroughly investigate such violations and take every action that saves the integrity of our services.


By obliging to our Terms of Services, you acknowledge that we, including employees, agents, partners, or licensors, cannot be held responsible for any losses and liabilities relating to the following cases.

  • Your use of our services
  • Infringement of our Terms of Services
  • Violation of any rights of other parties
  • Defiance of applicable laws and provisions

Note: This provision does not require you to pay back any member of the Erium employees for reasons of fraud, negligence, or misconduct concerning our services.

Third-Party Conducts

By agreeing to our Terms of Services, you agree not to hold us responsible for the conduct of third parties via their services, including third-party operators or other users of their services. In addition, only you will be responsible for the risk of any losses from such third-party activities.

Limitation of Liability

  • Disclaimer
    Under no circumstances, Erium will be responsible for the direct or indirect loss of revenue, information, or any damages due to loss of production, business interruptions arising with the services. Whether Erium has been advised on the possibility of such losses or not, you cannot hold us liable for the same.
  • Cap on Liability
    Regardless of the scenario for the arising damages, we will not be liable to pay over $1000.
  • Exceptions
    Suppose it's a case of fraud, gross negligence, or misconduct of Erium to such limits that is inhibited by the applicable law. In that case, the liability will be increased to the minimum amount needed to oblige with the law.

Terms and Termination

  • Term
    Our Terms of Services starts as you create an account on our website and stays in effect as long as you use our website, services, and its features.
  • Termination by Erium
    We own the right to stop providing you with any or all services, at any time and for any reason. In addition, if you ever breach the provisions mentioned in our Terms of Services, or we are required to do so at the request of the applicable law, we may terminate your access to any or all of our services.
  • Termination by you
    You may discontinue using any or all of our services as you deem necessary. In such a case, when you no longer use our website, these Terms of Services will be of no further effect with respect to you.
  • Effect of Termination
    Whether you or we terminate our services, you may no longer be able to use our services thereon. Moreover, we take no liability for the suspension of our services whatsoever.

General Provisions

  • Electronic Communications: All the communications between you and Erium happens via electronic means only, whether it’s done via our website or sent by e-mail. You hereby agree to receive any communications from Erium via any electronic method. Also, by acknowledging our Terms of Services, we have your consent that you’re satisfied with Erium sending agreements, notices or disclosures electronically, if necessary.
  • Assignment: Under no situation, your rights and obligations to use our website and the services can be assigned, entrusted, apprenticed or transferred by you without our written consent.
  • Force Majeure: Erium is not liable for failure to perform for any reason other than what’s reasonably under our control, including acts of God, war, terrorism, riots, fire, floods, and other situations.
  • Claims and Complaints: If you have any queries, complaints or claims concerning our website or the services we provide, you may contact us via the 'Contact Us page on our website.
  • Waiver: Even if we ever fail to enforce any provision stated in our Terms of Services, it will not be deemed a waiver of such provisions on any other occasion.
  • Severability: If we come across any section of the provisions of these Terms of Services that is invalid or inapplicable, we may change that portion in such a manner that reflects the original intention with the remaining portions continuing as before.
  • Entire Agreement: All the provisions mentioned in these terms are final & complete and comes as an exclusive agreement between subject matter experts and other responsible entities.

Contact Us

If you have queries regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us on our Erium wallet application.