Erium's Privacy Policy

Erium Exchange respects the privacy of the users who use our website (, the applications, or the services related to this privacy policy. The privacy policy gives an overview of how we collect, use, and reveal personal data from all the users of our services. 

If you are using our services, you agree to collecting, using, and disclosing your personal data as elaborated in the privacy policy. Moreover, your usage of our services would always mean your acknowledgment of our Terms of Services. 

Our Erium Exchange (collectively, “Erium,” “us,” “we,” “our”) platform has a crypto asset wallet application known as Erium Wallet. Whether you sign up for our newsletter or provide some personal data as part of a customer service ticket, we may collect information as required. However, certain third-party providers or services may collect your personal data that allow you to use their services within the Erium Wallet.

Our Collected Information

We collect user information from a wide range of sources, as mentioned in the list below. 

Information provided by users

We may collect personal information upon signing up to our website or subscribing to our newsletter, including your name and email address. 

Automatically Collected Information

There is certain information that is automatically collected while you use our services on the Erium Exchange website. Here is the list of the information we automatically collect.

  • IP address
  • Type of Web browser 
  • Web browser language
  • Operating system 
  • The website you visited before using our website and its services
  • Hyperlinks you click 

Also, we store information related to your wallet address and transaction number while making an exchange through our services.

Transaction Facilitation

Whenever you make a crypto purchase through the Erium Wallet, we use a token from the wallet to communicate with third-party payment providers for bank account validation and verification. However, the third-party payment providers use your information as per their terms of use and privacy policy. Moreover, the information we received from your usage of our application is applicable as per our privacy policy.


Erium and its associated third-party partners may collect information using cookies to learn about your online activities and your preferences over time. It helps us to enhance our services as per your requirements.

A cookie is a text file that stores information in the form of alphanumeric characters. While a persistent cookie remains even after closing your browser, the session cookie disappears after you close your browser. Here are the types of cookies and the purpose of using them.

  • Functional Cookies: It helps us recognize you when you visit our website and use our services again.
  • Analytics & Performance Cookies: It helps us to manage, maintain, and enhance our services. Moreover, the identity of the person whose information is used by these cookies is anonymized. 
  • Advertising Cookies: We reserve the right to authorize a third-party advertising partner to use cookies on the services and to collect data related to your browsing history over time.

Note: If you choose to block some or all cookies from our websites, we may not be able to provide our services fully.      

Information Received from Investors

If you happen to purchase shares through our services, you will have to register an account with an SEC-registered transfer agent. The process includes collecting your personal data, including your name, DOB, passport-sized photograph, driving license, or government-issued ID card, and physical address for account creation and verification.

Information Received from Third Parties

We may receive personal information from our third-party marketing partnersIn addition, we may use this information to update your collective personal information on our platform. 


How we use your Personal Information

Here are some of the reasons why we use your personal data.

  • Your personal information helps us enhance our services, their features, functionalities and develop new products. Moreover, it helps in managing and debugging our services as well.
  • It helps us efficiently communicate with you so that we could provide updates and information related to our services. In addition, it also helps us to provide information you request, newsletters, queries, and better customer support.
  • We store your personal information for marketing purposes, like developing and providing promotional content that may be relatable, valuable, and useful to you.
  • Storing your personal data also helps us to provide your personalized experience on our website by identifying you as a repeat visitor.
  • It eases the way how third-party services provide their services.
  • Your personal data also helps us to facilitate cryptocurrency purchases or exchange transactions.
  • It helps us to aggregate data to enhance our business purposes.
  • It helps us to detect & prevent fraud incidents and respond to safety loopholes in the services we provide.
  • It helps to ensure if everything is going as per the Terms of Service and as required by the applicable laws requested by the judicial agency.
  • Keeping your personal information helps us to monitor our communications with our investors and stakeholders.
  • And for several other purposes for which we only provide notification at the time, we collect your personal information.

How we share your Personal Information

Other than the reasons mentioned in this segment, we neither share nor disclose personal data collected from you.


We share your personal information with affiliates for various reasons, as described in the privacy policy. 

Analytics Partners

There are several analytics services, such as Google Analytics, that we use to process certain data. For example, these services may collect data based on your use of websites and other online resources. 

As required by the law

We reserve the right to access, preserve, or reveal any personal data, considering we have a valid reason for doing so. Here are some of the scenarios in which we may do so.

  • Compliance with applicable laws
  • Response to the requests of court orders for legal process
  • For the safety of employees, agents, and customers
  • Adherence to our policies and Terms of Service

Acquisition, Sale, or Asset Transfers

We retain the right to transfer your personal information to service providers, transactional partners, and other third parties. In addition, the reason for the transfer includes negotiation or completion of a corporate transaction in which we have partnered with other companies or, in a case where we sell or transfer all portions of our assets. 


We may transfer your personal information with service providers or vendors related to our services. 


If needed, we may ask for your approval before disclosing your personal data.

International Data Transfer

By agreeing to our privacy policy, you acknowledge our right to transfer, store, or process your personal information in any country other than the one you reside in. You must understand that other countries may not follow the same standard of protection as in your country or any other part of the world. If needed, we may also transfer your data to the European Union Area for the services you request. However, we try to ensure that your personal data is treated responsibly and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


We truly believe that our administrative and security measures are enough to protect your personal information within our organization. However, as no electronic devices are truly unbreachable or completely secure, we cannot make guarantees whether your personal data is safe or not. Now, if you have any doubts or valid reasons to believe that your information isn’t safe with us, you may immediately let us aware of the issue by contacting us. 


We only store your personal information as long as it is required to perform various requests, such as cryptocurrency purchase, public offering, customer support, and other services. When it comes to determining the retention period, we take various factors into account. For example, it includes the type of services we have been providing to you & how long it has been and mandatory retention periods as the law provides.   

Third Parties 

Our services may contain links to third-party providers, websites, or services that don't work as per our privacy policy. We don't take any responsibility for the advertising practices adopted by these third parties. Our privacy policy neither applies to your activities performed on third-party service providers nor any personal information you reveal to them. For safety purposes, we highly recommend reading their privacy policy before using their services.

Rights and Choices

  • Opt-Out: You have the right to opt-out of automated decision making, our amendments to how we may use your data, your previous consent regarding the processing of personal data, and transfer of the personal information to other countries other than the one you are residing in. However, this may affect the way you used our website and services.  
  • Access: You can always access the personal information we have on you via our website's 'Contact Us page. 
  • Amend: You have the right to request the change to inaccuracies found in your personal information via our website's 'Contact Us page. 
  • Move: As your personal information is portable, you can always choose to move your data to other service providers.
  • Deletion: If you find your personal information to be incorrect or irrelevant, you can ask for the deletion of your data.
  • Exercising your Rights: While requesting any of these rights, you must clearly explain the personal information related to your concern and the list of rights you would like to enforce. However, we only process requests for personal information related to a particular email address for identity verification. Therefore, though we comply with your request as practically earlier as possible, it may take as long as 30 days based on your request type. 
  • There are certain exceptions and limitations to each of these rights. For example, while any changes you may request might instantly get reflected in our user database, we reserve the right to retain backup your information for various reasons, including the prevention of fraud and legal procedures or any situation where we have a valid reason to do so. 
  • Marketing Communications: You can always unsubscribe to our promotional emails via the "unsubscribe" option provided in the emails. However, you will still be getting administrative messages and notifications from us. 


Suppose you want to register a complaint about our collection and usage of your personal information or our privacy policy. In that case, you may do so via the 'Contact Us' tab on our website. We welcome any complaint or criticism that helps us to improve our services to you. 

Amendments to Privacy Policy

If we ever propose a significant change in our privacy policy, we will try our best to notify you via email, push messages, and our services. All the details regarding any amendments to the privacy policy will be posted on this page. Moreover, the revised version will be in effect as soon as it is posted.