Erium Wallet Application – Privacy Policy

Erium Wallet is a mobile application browser service for the blockchain network which allows users to make crypto transactions, broadcast messages, and check all the information that is part of the network (the "App" or "Erium Wallet"). The objective of this privacy policy is to explain how Erium collects, use, store, and protect your private data when you use our application or website. To know all the terms under which you use our services, you may read Erium Wallet's Terms of Service.

Our Collected Information

Whenever you install, access, or use our services, we collect information as we provide our services.

Information Provided by Users:

Account Information: To create an Erium wallet account, you need to use a username. Moreover, you can also add other information, including profile name, picture, biography, or location.

Messages & Contacts: Under no circumstances, we store your messages, contact lists while providing services to you. Your messages are instantly deleted from our server as soon as it is delivered to the other person. It includes text messages, photos, videos, voice messages, and any other kind of information. All your contacts and messages are stored in the device you use to access the Erium application. In a case where your messages don't get delivered immediately, they may be stored on our servers until you're back online and the messages are sent. All the messages sent or received on our services are encrypted. So, neither we nor any third-party services can read them even if it's temporarily stored in our server. However, we may store statistics related to your messages, such as how many were sent or received on our platform within a specific time

Transactions: The private network key that you use to access your crypto funds and initiate transactions is only stored in your device. However, to manage transactions and Ethereum account balance, we may store the network public key.

Customer Support: If you happen to disclose any information to our customer support team, we may choose to collect it.

Information Collected by the Application:

Metrics and Performance Data: We may collect data related to application performance, including how you use or interact with our services.

Device Information: We may collect information related to your device when you access our services, including your IP address. If you happen to allow push notifications from the Erium wallet, it also includes your device’s push token.

Status Information: We may collect data related to your online presence, for example, the last time you used our services.

Data Usage Mechanism

Our main purpose behind the data collected from your usage of our application is to improve, manage, customize, and enhance our services. Here are some of the scenarios where we may use your information

Data Usage Mechanism: We may collect data related to your online presence, for example, the last time you used our services.

  • Verify your account
  • Provide services and customer support
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Prevent any illegal activities
  • Redesign layout & content of the application and improve the services
  • Deliver updates and marketing notices as per your mode of communication

Note: Other than the list of points mentioned above for the usage of the data collected from you, we won’t use them in any case without asking your permission first.


Any communications we send to you will either be related to your account or the services we provide. If we ever send any communication to you that isn't necessarily related to your account, you may choose to 'unsubscribe’ and opt out of receiving such communications in the future.

Though we don’t entertain third-party banner ads on Erium wallet, we may update this in our policy in the future.

Information Sharing with other Erium Wallet User

A user you are sending messages or making transactions to will have access to your messages and the transaction information on his part of the communication. Though he may store or share your information with others, we never allow anyone to access your messages or store transaction information

Third-Party Data Sharing Mechanism

We collaborate with certain third-party service providers to redesign, manage, market, and improve our services. They help us in the distribution of our apps, provide infrastructure and various other related services. Only under some specific circumstances, these providers may provide us some important information. To give you an example, it may send an error report that helps us fix the problem.

We have the authority to share information with the law enforcement under certain conditions, including,

  • If the court directs us to reveal information as part of the legal procedure.
  • It is required to prevent physical harm, monetary loss, or some illegal activities that violate our terms of service.

Also, we may share data with agencies that we are planning to acquire soon. If such an acquisition occurs, we ensure that the new agency follows our privacy policy with the utmost respect to your information. Also, we provide prior notice to our users before such a change is introduced to the policy.

Use of Cookies

Whenever you access our services using the Erium application, we may place cookies (small data files) on your device. These cookies allow us to understand how you use our services and help us secure, operate, and provide better services. Here’s a list of why we use cookies.

  • It helps us provide improved web-based services and understand how our users are using our services.
  • Allow us to understand the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns better.
  • Helps us to customize our services that suits your requirement.

Note: You can modify your cookies settings in your device, which is usually located in the ‘Settings’ or ‘Preferences.’ That being said, if you choose to disable cookies on the Erium Wallet application, it may lead to certain functions not working properly

Information Access Procedure

If you feel like changing or deleting your information, you can do so by logging into your Erium wallet and clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon. Moreover, you can also change your username, profile picture, biography, location information, and manage your contacts by clicking on the 'Contacts' icon.

You can delete your Erium wallet account any time you want. In such a scenario, your undelivered messages will be deleted from our servers as you delete your account. However, it doesn't delete the copy of the messages other users in communication with you have.

As mentioned earlier, the Erium wallet application doesn't store your network's private key. Therefore, if you delete the information, make sure you store a copy of the private key to continue accessing your network funds.

Erium’s Global Operations

You hereby agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this Privacy Policy for our information handling procedure, including collection, processing, and sharing with third-party entities and service providers. Moreover, you agree with our processing and transferring your information to all the countries where you have established our facilities, service providers, irrespective of where you use our services.

You acknowledge that the laws and regulations of the country in which your information is stored could be different from your country. However, we ensure that the service providers in other countries treat your information confidentially and follow appropriate security measures to protect it.

Policy Updates

We reserve the authority to propose amendments to our privacy policy whenever required. Therefore, though we try our best to notify you using email or push notification about the suggested material changes, you should also regularly check out the latest updates.

Note: By continuing our services, you accept our privacy policies and our amendments. If you do not agree to our policies, you may please stop using our services.

Contact Us

If you have queries regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us on our Erium wallet application.